About Us

Cristy’s Pizza began over 25 years ago right here in Lancaster, Ohio. We have a very clear philosophy. We believe our customers are in charge, so it’s our philosophy to make and serve a pizza that’s not for just anybody. Our customers will not settle for anything less than the highest quality pizza. That’s why the suppliers of all our ingredients are people who have built their own businesses on quality. Our customer service is held to the same high values which are why only the people who share our values are asked to join our team. To learn more about our company history, watch our video.  

Career Path

If you are eager to learn and enjoy working with your hands this is the opportunity for you. This is the place where actions speak louder than words. Two components are needed from every Cristy’s Pizza team member to be successful: Hard work and a great attitude. Our career path looks like this:

Pizza Pro, Delivery Driver, Team Lead, Shift Manager, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager, Senior General Manager, District Manager.

What we're all about

Cristy’s Pizza is privately co-owned by the same people who grew us from one store to eight locations. The owners are down to earth guys who take time to know the team members and help them reach their personal and professional goals. We have a very fast-paced, challenging work environment where you leave each day with a sense of pride. We challenge each other to excel in everything we do. The quality of our product extends beyond each pizza we make to the communities in which we work and serve and the people that live there. We believe in building our communities by conducting as much business with other local businesses as possible. This goes hand in hand with our sustainability efforts of using our resources responsibly. We take great care in reducing waste, reusing/restoring local items into purposeful pieces again and recycling at all our locations with pick up service. This is a just a small part of our company mission and culture. See more at www.cristyspizza.com

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